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Website Review & SEO Analysis of Website

Website Review or Analysis

We need a professional website for starting an online business. We can choose different platforms for developing a website, like WordPress, Wix, or any specific web technology. We publish our website and then start doing business online. A lot of the time we have issues with our website, and we don’t have awareness.

If we don’t belong to a technical background then it is difficult to find the issues manually. A possible solution for finding issues on the website is to use a tool. There is a website where a lot of great tools are published and one can use them for free.

website review

The website analysis tool is also there which helps to give an overview of the complete website. If we have any specific issue on the website then we will get the details. We only need to enter our website URL and once we submit the complete information displays.

We can download the report also. The issues which showed on the report are website speed, ranking, broken links, backlinks, tags used, responsiveness, etc. If our website has broken links then those would also be shown, and we can fix those issues.

Responsive website design

We always develop websites that remain mobile-friendly. Developers always keep the mobile-first approach. Mostly the users visit from mobile, so we should focus on mobile view first. When a designer works on the responsive design then there are three main designs which are mobile view, tablet view, and desktop view.

All these views define a different look and feel of the website. Sometimes we prefer to hide some images in mobile view and keep them on the desktop view to make it user-friendly. Our ultimate goal remains to satisfy our users and make it more neat and clean.

seo analysis

The simple design helps users to use all the features of the website which we will be offering. But if we have a complex design then the non-technical user would not able to get the benefit of the features which we will have provided.

The preferred way is to simplify the design so that the user experience becomes better. The design should fit according to the different screens of the devices. If there is any broken design then the website looks awkward to the users.

Bug fixing

Website review tools help us to know about the complete details of the website like responsiveness and other bugs. There may be broken links which also shown. We can fix those broken links. The metadata added to the pages also shows in the tool.

If we have added metadata properly then there would be a success message shown otherwise an error would be shown in the report. We always use the tools for website analysis because in this way we can easily identify the problems on the website and fix them. Mostly the non-technical people hire developers if they would have any issue on the website, which costs them a lot.

But the website analysis tools give the clue that where we have the problem on the website even if we don’t know about the coding. Sometimes we pay the maintenance cost to the companies for the website. They keep the website up to date and if there would be any issue on the website then immediately they fix the problems.

This is one of the best way to avoid problems with websites. Having technical knowledge is good but if we are not sure about the coding part then we always need to get the suggestions of developers for various updates and bugs on the website.

How to improve website performance

There are multiple ways to improve the website performance. First thing to do is that we should minimize HTTP requests. Since HTTP requests loads the data from the server and while doing the communication it takes time. If we have more HTTP requests then the load time would be increased.

Second thing to do is that we need to minimize the files. The minified files remove the blank spaces from the data and in this way the file size reduced. We can also combine the files. If we have multiple JavaScript files and CSS files then we can combine them into a single file and load them.

Loading asynchronous CSS and JavaScript files also reduce the loading time of the website. Asynchronous loading means that the CSS and JavaScript loads according to the need and not loading everything at once.

Choosing the right hosting provider also matters a lot because if the bandwidth provided by the hosting provider is good and using SSD then the website speed would be good otherwise it will take time.

Reducing redirect also improves website speed. When there are multiple page redirects then the performance also affected. Eliminating plugins for the tasks which we can do manually can also help us to reduce the load. When we install multiple plugins then a lot of JavaScript added in the header of the website, and it loads for all the pages even if it is not required.

We can delete such plugins and add the required code manually in the files where the specific functionality needs. We always have to monitor our website speed so that we get the proper details of the website’s performance.

We can also use CDNs for loading various libraries like bootstrap and jQuery. Using CDN helps us to load the library from the nearest server, and it takes less time than loading from the website server. It is always the best option to use CDN for loading such libraries.

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