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Top 5 Website Optimization Tools For Website

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Top 5 Website Optimization Tools

A list of important tools to optimizing your website is website reviewer, keywords position checker, username checker, and domain name checker. Using these tools we can have a detailed knowledge of our website. All the tools are provided free of cost.

To optimize a website we must have information on the important issues. Having a clear knowledge of the issues helps us to fix them faster, and we could save our time. The tools which you can use for optimization are:

1. Website Reviewer:

This tool helps to get the complete detail of a website. It explains the errors and SEO-related problems. We can also download the complete report and share it with our developer who will be helping us to fix the issues. This tool displays every minor thing which we missed on the website.

Having a clear picture of the website can help us to know things in detail. We hire a developer, in most of the cases, we could not explain the problems on the website. We only try to tell the developer that our website speed is slow, and we need to make it faster.

top 5 seo tools

This tool will explain the complete reasons that why the website is slow and which things to improve will help us to speed up the website performance. People are using different content management systems to develop their websites but when they put a lot of content and have high traffic then they face issues.

This website reviewer is free, so we can use it on a regular basis and get the idea of every single problem. Minor bugs we can also solve even if we are not from a technical background. The major bugs we can allocate to the expert developers. Since we know what is the issue, so it becomes easier for us to tell the cost of bug fixing to the developers.

2. Username checker:

This username checker helps to find the available usernames on various social media platforms. If the username is not available then it gives the error that it is already taken otherwise we get the status that the specified username is available.

3. Domain name search:

Before developing a website we choose a domain name. We always remain interested to have a tool that helps us to suggest domain names from where we could choose easily. These tools help us to show all the available and taken domain names with various extensions. We can decide the name and immediately buy the domain from a domain name provider.

4. Website speed test:

To check the speed of the website we need to input the website URL in this tool, and we get a detailed overview of the website which includes the speed of the website also.

The issues on the website are also shown there. If there is a lot of JavaScript added on the website then it gives us the suggestion that by reducing this how much we can increase the performance of the website. Using all the above tools will help us to know about our website easily.

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