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Top 4 FREE SEO Tools For YouTube Videos and Blogging

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Bloggers & YouTubers SEO Tools

YouTube is a video publishing platform. It allows the user to create content and upload. People are working on YouTube as a full-time career. YouTube has acquired a large user base. There are a million videos uploading daily. There are beginners who are interested to start uploading videos on YouTube, they needed proper guidance and strategy.

When we know the algorithm of any platform then it becomes easier for us to reach the audience. Niche-specific channel grows more than the general YouTube channels. Starting with a niche channel needs proper research so that the chances of success increased.

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There are a lot of people who are working on general YouTube channels, but they are facing a lot of issues later when they have a good subscriber base. It is so because people with different interests connect to a channel and if we are uploading a video of a specific category then the other category of people dislike or unsubscribe because they don’t want any distraction in which they are not interested. We always need to be niche-specific so that a specific audience connects with us.

Top SEO tools are:

1. YouTube tags generator:

This tool helps us to generate related keywords for the video. Adding relevant tags generates more traffic, so we always need to do some research before publishing a video on YouTube. We can get short-tail, long-tail, and mid-tail keywords from this tool and can also download the whole list of keywords. We can also filter out useless keywords.

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2. YouTube Question keywords:

This tool is used for generating question keywords. When we write a post or publishing a video, we always need a title for that. A good title attracts more audience. So this question keywords tool helps us to generate keywords that we can add to the title of the post or video. There are various types of questions keywords generated like what, where, when, is, how, etc. This type of question helps us to know the suggestions of the search engines.

3. YouTube Marketing keywords:

Marketing keywords tools are helpful for generating marketing keywords. If we are interested to sell products online then we need to add tags for the product. This helps us to show our products in the search results. There are various marketing words used to like best, most, cheap, price, under, low, between, etc. Using these words we can generate a lot of keyword ideas.

youtube marketing tools

4. YouTube A to Z keywords:

We needed a detailed list of the keywords from where we can filter the relevant keywords for the blog post or video. This tool helps us to create a list from a to z. The complete list covers most of the keywords which are searched on YouTube. We can take the benefit of these tools to have most of the keywords ideas. There are long-tail keywords generated from a to z. We can also download the complete list as a text file and use it anywhere. Doing proper SEO by using these tools helps us to get good search results for the website or YouTube channel.

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