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Stripe Checkout Integration With Strong Customer Authentication

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What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway that handles payment processing. Stripe helps to accept international payments from customers. Stripe supports various payment methods like debit credit cards, apple pay, SEPA direct debit, Sofort, iDeal, etc.

How to integrate Stripe into a Website?

Stripe provides developer documentation for the integration of the payment gateway in the websites. Stripe provides plugins & addons for the websites like WordPress and wix. Stripe documentation contains ready-made code which can be downloaded and can be integrated with the same code on the website with simple modifications.

To integrate into HTML and PHP, we have to follow simple steps:

  • Setup the server
    • Install the Stripe PHP library
    • Create a Checkout Session
    • Specify payment methods
    • Define the line items
    • Choose the mode
    • Supply the redirect URLs
  • Build your checkout
    • Add a success page
    • Add a canceled page
    • Add an order preview page
    • Load Stripe.js
    • Add a checkout button
    • Initialize Stripe.js
    • Fetch a Checkout Session
    • Redirect to Checkout
  • Test your page
    • Run the application
    • Try it out with test credentials:

The following are the test credentials for credit card testing for both 3D secure and non-secure.

Payment succeeds
4242 4242 4242 4242
Payment requires authentication
4000 0025 0000 3155
Payment is declined
4000 0000 0000 9995
We can use expiry dates of any future date and CVC of any three digits.

Stripe Checkout Page Testing

Stripe integration needs to fulfill all the above steps and then we can proceed to the checkout page of the stripe which contains a form with all the fields for input card details.

To integrate the stripe SEPA direct debit payment method, firstly need to activate from the stripe dashboard. It takes few hours to activate and then we can integrate it into the website easily. If we are getting any issue while integration then we can directly contact to stripe support team and they immediately help on chat and guide us.

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    Hi, I have tried the integrate and followed your steps. Thanks for the information. Can we use this with any backend technology.

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