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Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Common Website Problems and Solutions

The website development in the initial stage is easy but once the traffic increases and content is uploaded then the problem starts. Uploading more content makes the database heavier. Increase of traffic on the website then to handle that traffic we required good hosting server with good bandwidth.

website problems

Loading a lot of files when the user visits the website takes time. We need to reduce the size of the files somehow so that website loading speed gets increased.

We always have to compress the big-size images and also keep the things lazy loading. When the images are bigger than loading time increases and users get discouraged because users don’t like to wait, and finally they leave the website which leads to a high bounce rate percentage of website. An increase in bounce rate decrease the ranking of the website.

We always need to keep searching about the problems which discourage the users. Few of the website problems are listed down.

1. Poor home page quality:

When a user visits the website, we always need to keep our home page attractive and valuable. Most of the websites’ homepage is not designed well and because of that, they are losing a lot of traffic from the website.

Our home page must be simple and only need to add useful things, so that the user could not be distracted. We should put images and text to improve the visualization of the page.

The navigation menu and footer menus should be simple to navigate. Sometimes we add great features on the websites but because of complex navigation, users could not able to use that feature. We need to do proper research on the color schema of the home page. The color should be according to the niche of the website.

2. Slow upload speed:

Sometimes we give the option to upload certain things by users. If our upload speed is good then it would be quick to upload an image or any type of content but if the website speed is too slow then there would be a lot of time wastage. We should keep our website up to date and the performance of the website must be good.

To increase the speed we need to take care in both development aspect and management aspects. If we are uploading a lot of content that has no use then it also affects the speed of the website and also if the coding is not neat and clean then also we will have issues later when we try to add new features. The reusability of the code would be possible only when we will have quality code written in the files.

3. Poor standard of SEO:

While writing the content if we are hiring someone who is having awareness of SEO then it will be more helpful for us to manage the SEO of the website. Most of the time we hire an external resource for doing SEO of the website because we don’t know what to take care of while writing the content on the website.

We need to include relevant keywords in the content so that our website comes in the search results. We need to submit the website pages in webmaster tools which crawled by the Google bots.

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