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Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway in React Application

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What is React JS?

React JS is a javascript library. React helps us to develop front-end applications. React Js helps us to keep the web application single page. The page rendering is very fast. React JS is popular because it only renders the content which is needed and not loading the complete web page and extra javascript. React Js has two types of components, functional & class components.

Functional Component

React Js functional component helps us to use functional hooks in the application which are easy and can propagate the props easily in the parent components. The functional component simplifies the code and keeps things optimized.

Class Component

React Js class components are having a life cycle for using all the functionality regarding rendering and mounting the code. It helps us to use state in the components and we need to propagate the props in child components by importing.

Payment Gateways

Selling products online requires a payment gateway to accept payments from the customers. We always prefer a secure payment gateway that provides maximum payment methods with safe transactions. The two main international payment gateway providers are PayPal and Stripe.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is an international payment gateway provider. Stripe provides good customer support and it is also safe to use. To activate the stripe payment gateway, we need to register on the stripe official website and then need to submit documents and fill in the personal details and submit.

It takes 24 hours to verify and approve. Once approved then we get an email to continue our live transactions. Stripe provides an environment to test the transactions before going to live.

Integrate Stripe in React Application

Stripe provides a pre-built checkout page that can be downloaded from the stripe repository. We can customize the design and can make the amount dynamic for different products.

Steps For Stripe Checkout Integration

  • Download stripe backend library from GitHub or install composer in the server. Stripe library contains all the important code which needs to run the backend of the stripe.
  • Define the code which handles product details.
  • Select the payment mode from the stripe dashboard. Stripe provides a test mode for testing the transactions and once everything works fine then we switch to live mode.
  • Add a checkout button: A checkout button is created, on click of the button user redirects to the checkout page of the stripe and fills in the card details and address.
  • Redirect to the success or failure page once the transaction processed.

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