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How to Integrate a Payment Gateway In Website

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Payment Gateway Integration

We develop websites and try to publish content. If our website has a good ranking on the internet then we start selling. We can sell various services like website development, technical support, content writing, etc. We can get paid on the basis of our technical skills. Likewise, we can get customers by promoting our content.

Once a specific customer has needed to solve a technical issue then they connect with the technical expert and solve the issues. There are a lot of opportunities online to earn money. E-commerce business is one of the largest businesses in the world where people are earning more money than any other field.

payment gateway

We don’t need great technical expertise for running an e-commerce business. We only need to know about the hosting and domain for our website, and we can start adding products. People mostly start using Shopify or WordPress for selling products online.

They promote the products on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform where they can reach more people for selling their products. They also need to do SEO for the website which they develop. The website discovered in search results only if there would be good SEO. Business owners need to connect with product sellers who deliver the products to the customers.

There are a lot of sellers who register on Amazon and once we get any sale of our website, we can directly order the product by choosing any of the online sellers and can deliver the product to the customer at a specific time.

The need for Payment Gateway

While selling products online, we needed a good payment gateway through which we can collect the amount from our customers. Our customers need a trusted payment gateway for payment. PayPal and Stripe are the two payment gateways that are trusted and also the international payment gateway provider.

People can sell the products worldwide by using these payment gateways. Payment gateways play an important role in doing any type of online business. A Lot of customers prefer credit debit card payment, but PayPal is providing that option for now in all the countries.

paypal payment gateway

But stripe provides a lot of payment methods for accepting payments from customers. Business owners are facing issues in selling products internationally because while getting approval from the payment gateway provider, they have to submit a lot of documents. They needed a trusted and secure website.

If the website is not secure then the payment gateway provider rejects the approval. If we have a professional website then there is a possibility that our website will be approved.

Policies pages

The payment gateway provider verifies the websites by reading the policies. We should have written proper written policies and must have transparency. Mostly the policy pages include a privacy policy, terms of services, disclaimer, cookies policy, the refund policy, and shipping policy.

We should mention everything related to our business in the policy pages. If we don’t mention clearly then our website approval rejected, and they send us the message that our business has high risk and according to their policy we cannot sell the products online by using their payment gateways.

To use the payment gateway in the WordPress website, we need to install a plugin if the gateway provider provides it. Otherwise, we need to integrate the payment methods by coding manually. If we use stripe then we have a plugin that we need to install and activate, and then we only need to add publishable key and secret key which is provided by stripe.

We will find these keys from the Stripe dashboard. We can enable various payment methods from stripe also. It takes some time to get approved for the new payment methods which we are interested to enable for our customers.


Stripe provides test and live credentials. We initially use test API credentials so that we could check the transactions which can help us to know about the proper integration of the payment gateway. If we have any issue with the test transactions then we can fix that issue. Once we finalize our testing then we only need to replace the test publishable key and secret key with the live publishable and secret keys.

We always need to keep our 2D authentication enabled. If there would be any loss of credentials then we can manage the security by one-time password (OTP) which comes in the phone number linked with the account. We also try to use some security codes which can also help us to keep our account secure.

How to choose a payment gateway

Starting an online business is the first step but integrating a payment gateway is the most important step because if we are not earning money from our online business then it will have no meaning. We do promotions for our business on various social media platforms but once the customer lands on our website then we need to close the sale.

When the customer decides that the product is useful for him/her then they go for payments. It’s important to integrate all the required payment methods so that the customer does the payments easily. Most customers prefer debit credit card payment methods for doing payments.

If any provision is not providing credit debit card then most of the customer would be loosed even if the product promotions is good. We always have to create convenience for our customers so that we could get more sales and our customers remain satisfied with our services.

Trusted payment gateway providers create trust for the customers who buy the products because if the payment gateway is not trusted then there is a possibility that we will lose our customer. We can analyze trust on the basis of experience and customer support. Stripe provides the best customer support.

When a customer faces any payment-related issue then the customer can connect with chat support and immediately solve the issue. But in PayPal support team doesn’t respond to the customer queries early. They take days to reply to the queries. We must prefer the payment gateway provider whose customer support is instant and can reply immediately.

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