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How To Increase Website Traffic By Free Tools

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Increase Website Traffic

Keyword volume checker helps us find the volume of a specific keyword. We always needed the search volume for a specific keyword. To find the CPC (cost per click) and monthly searches of a keyword we needed the relevant data. We can consume APIs for fetching the data related to keywords.

If you visit you will find various tools for keyword research. Keyword volume checker tool is also available on the website which can help us to list all the keywords details for free. There is a section of related keywords or suggested keywords that are helping us to know about the user search. Those keyword suggestions are useful for tags.

keywords volume

Google is also providing a keyword planner tool where we can get the details related to a specific keyword. That tool shows us keywords volume, CPC, etc. We can export those keywords to list and use in our blog posts and videos.

A monthly graph of search volume helps us to identify the traffic. The benefits of keywords volume are that the low-volume keywords will not generate much traffic in comparison to the high-volume keywords. We can target those keywords whose monthly searches are high and competition is also low. The proper organization of keywords generated more traffic on the website.

Ways to increase traffic on the website

1. Advertise:

When we don’t have any type of expertise in the technical field then we go for paid promotion of the content or products. There is no need to have the things properly like if we are expecting the organic traffic on the website. We need to create a campaign on the advertising platform and then run the ads for a specific product.

The amount would be deducted according to the clicks on the ad. If we have more clicks than the more amount would be deducted. We can optimize the ads for a specific interest of the audience. We can target a specific location also. Running ads globally has no output, because if we are running ads where the product cannot be delivered then the amount would be wasted.

2. Get help from social media:

There are a lot of social media platforms where we can advertise our products, and even we can create pages for free. Groups and pages are the best sources to promote the posts or products for free. If an influencer is there on Instagram or Facebook, whose followers are more than we can also promote the product with the help them. They also charge less amount.

3. Target long-tail keywords:

There are many types of keywords but long-tail keywords are those which has low competition. The traffic volume is also low but there is the possibility that the blog or video ranks. Long-tail keywords include all the words which are related to the specific topic. There are two types of SEO. On-page SEO and off-page SEO. We should connect with the SEO experts who can do both these types of SEO to gain more traffic on the website.

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