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How to Generate YouTube Long-tail Keywords

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YouTube long-tail keywords

YouTube is the platform where we can publish videos. When we upload videos on YouTube, we needed a title, description, tags, and a thumbnail. All these four things should be SEO friendly so that uploaded video comes in the search results and also viewer clicks on the video to watch and get the benefit.

The title we write for the video should not be a random title. It should match with the video content, and we should include the keywords which could give an identity to the video. There is a website named www.keiwords.com where you will find a lot of keyword tools that can help to choose a suitable title for the video.

long tail keywords

We should choose the title which is searched on the internet. We always follow the viewer’s needs. If our content has great quality but not demanded then our efforts would not pay us. We need to research the keywords which are demanded, and accordingly, we should create and upload the videos. While writing the description of the video we need to include the keywords related to the video content because the YouTube algorithm also checks the description of the video.

YouTube video tags help to match the search queries. If any of the related keywords match the tags then the video shows in the search results. YouTube thumbnail also plays an important role when our video comes in the searched results. If everything is good and having a bad thumbnail then the viewer will not click on our video and our videos would not be watched. Its always recommended that we should create a beautiful thumbnail so that once our video comes in the search result then the viewer clicks on that and view the video.

Long-tail keywords

There are many types of keywords, but the most common categories are long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, and mid-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are having a low competition on the search. It targets a specific audience. It has low search traffic.

It helps beginners to rank their videos faster as compared to the short-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are more specific. They have a higher conversion rate. Short tail keywords are also called head keywords. They have a very high traffic volume. Short tail keywords are usually of one or two words. They are very competitive to rank.

long tail keywords youtube

Mid-tail keywords fall between head keywords and long-tail keywords. These also have high traffic volume and highly competitive. These terms are of two or three words. These are slightly descriptive than short-tail keywords. To generates such keywords, there is a tool already developed on www.keiwords.com which generates all types of keywords which we can use for various purposes.

We can filter out the relevant keywords from the generated keywords and use them accordingly. People who are just starting their YouTube channels should always have to use long-tail keywords because they have a great possibility that their video ranks otherwise for short-tail keywords there would be huge competition and the video would not even come in the search results.

Benefits of keywords research

Keywords research increases the conversion rate. Proper keywords generate traffic to the website. If we chose relevant keywords for a blog post or YouTube video then there is a possibility that the traffic increases. It also attracts qualified traffic. Engaging the audience with relevant content can increase the net profit.

We always need to be updated with the latest trends. If we are aware of the market then we can gain more traffic. The long-tail keywords research is the most popular search because there are a lot of people who are asking the complete question and in that way, if some long-tail keywords are there in our content then the video or blog ranks.

There is a huge impact on the website content or video by organic traffic because it is free and available to common users. The study shows that 77% of the traffic clicks on organic links than paid links. I personally never clicked on paid links when I search on YouTube.

Keywords research skill

When we have good expertise in keyword research then we can sell it on various freelancing platforms and earn money. We can have a command on keywords research within a few months of practice and experiments on various websites and videos. Gaining traffic because of the right keywords gives us the motivation that our formula works.

There are a lot of people who have the business, and they only have the problem in ranking their website in the Google search. We can give them the service of managing the SEO of their website. Learning this skill can help us to grow our business and others’ business as well. People don’t have all the skills.

Some people do their work in developing a website, but they don’t know how to do the SEO of the websites. We can help them to grow their business and also take help to grow our own businesses as well. We can also create gigs of Fiverr and other customers buy our gigs and provide us the work.

Initially, we can give our service at a cheaper cost and once we gain good reviews and customers get satisfied with our services then we can increase the prices of the gigs. We always have to be updated with the latest trends so that we could do the keywords research properly.

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