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How to Do Content Optimization For Website

Optimize Your Website

Content optimization means that we are adding relevant content and removing irrelevant content from the blog post. Writing a blog is easier but keeping it optimized is more important.

content optimization

We need to consider all the parameters while writing a blog post. There are six ways to optimize the blog post for SEO.

1. Keywords research:

To rank on search engines we need to write blog posts and then publish them. Before starting writing the blogs we should choose a specific keyword that is more demanded and have low competition in the market.

keywords research

We always have to use some FREE tools which can help us to do the research related to keywords that are most searched on the internet. Google suggestions always show the most searched keywords, and we can believe in those keywords and should use those.

2. Utilize keywords in the post:

The blog post which we write for our website should include the keywords related to that. We can have the possibility that the traffic would be increased if we have added the keywords rightly. We need to manage the metadata also where we should write meta description and title.

Furthermore, we must have the quality in the complete blog post to make it more interactive and readable. Writing engaging content increase the page view time and reduce the bounce rate of the page.

3. Optimization of images:

A blog post without an image is not good while reading. Users are more interesting to read the content which has some images. The User understands the concept in a better way if we are explaining it using images and graphics.

The important thing is that we should firstly compress the images and then should upload them. The images on the website decrease the page speed if the image size is more. We can compress the images online, and then they can be used.

4. Subscribe Option:

Most of the blog post has a simple subscription form where use enters an email address and submit so that later on when a new post uploaded on the website then could send the email to users. Notification email helps us to increase page views by returning users.

We can remind or sell products to the people who subscribed to us with the email. We should keep a subscription form on the header or footer. Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways to market and sell products online. We can gain the email using quality posts on the website.

5. Use social media:

The post published on the website should be shared on other social media also. We can provide the share buttons to the post also where the user can share the post to others on various social media platforms. When the blog post is published then we should also target social media to promote the post and gain traffic for free.

Organic traffic has more power than the paid traffic. We need to invest a lot of money for the paid promotion but if we have quality content then we can gain free traffic from google and other social media platforms.

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