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How to Create a Website Step By Step With Hosting

Steps to Develop a Website

To start a business we need a professional website to represent our business. Developing a website is not taking much time. Within a week we can create a basic structure of the website with basic features. We can watch some video tutorials online and can make our website also.

Otherwise, we should hire a developer and pay some amount for the efforts. Starting developing a website we should choose a good technology which can help us to scale with important features later on.

online website

We can post articles related to our website niche and also can provide services to our customers.

Four basic steps for creating a website

1. Register a domain name:

To identify our website uniquely on the web, we should have a name. We can purchase a domain name from various domain name service providers. Choosing a domain name we should choose a domain that relates to the business. The domain name should be easy to remember.

There are different domain name extensions like .com, in, .nl, etc. We can choose the domain name extensions according to the need. If we have a business-specific for a country then we should buy that country extension.

2. Web hosting registration:

After registration of a domain name, we needed web hosting where our online data would be stored. We should consider few important features from web hosting service providers like speed, space, bandwidth, etc.

Website speed depends on a lot of factors, but hosting is also one of the reason of performance. We should check the hosting plans properly to identify the requirements. The Hosting provider also provides emails that are attached with the domain name.

3. Prepare your content:

Purchasing a Domain name and hosting servers help us to get start our website, but it will not have any value until we have some content on the website. We can hire a content writer for adding content to the website or we can also write on our own.

Adding value to the content means we are adding value to the users, which ultimately creates a trust that helps when we are promoting anything on the website. Our revenue graph increased once we have trusted users on the website.

Existing user share our written content and also refer to others which help us to increase the website traffic, and ultimately we gain more money from the website. Before choosing a topic for the blog post, we should think about the goal of the website. If we remain focused on the website niche then it would help more in the later point of time.

4. Build the website:

Uploading content will fill the website with the data, but we need to display to the user in a beautiful way. Designing a website is important because the value of content would be only if users are consuming the content otherwise the effort would not give us any benefit.

We need to create such an interactive user interface that everything is presented in a neat and clean way. The links and other sidebar menus should be simple to use. Simple things help the user to access most of the features of the website.

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